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I-can’t-write days suck

Are you ever really in the mood to work on your script so you sit down in your chair or wherever it is you write best, you pop open final draft, you crack your knuckles, click file-open, take that first glimpse at where you last left on and then stare, fingers nowhere near the keys for what feels like forever?   I hate those days.

The worst thing about those moments where you just can’t seem to get writing done is the fact of the matter regarding screenwriting as a job.  It’s pretty much a constant headache and you have to be extremely confident in your ability to write in order to really stand out and be able to provide for your family through your passion.

Let’s say you sell a spec…   From there should you feel like a professional?  In my opinion you shouldn’t ever feel like a professional.  Once you polish a script until it’s as glossy as it can get, your face reflecting off it like a mirror and you immerse yourself into the crowd of other hungry writers and it stands out and it sells you’re right back in your living room, sitting in your chair or wherever it is you write best, popping open final draft, cracking your knuckles and opening a brand new FDR file. You are reborn a struggling writer and unless you write another brilliant script you have just as small a chance of getting it sold as the rest of your peers do.  And that my friends is why I-can’t-write days suck.

When you’re not feeling it and can’t bring yourself to write to the best of your ability DON’T write.   Do not waste your time.  The inconsistency of good writing days with lazy forced ones are a huge part of what kills a script.  You’re much better off slowly finishing your final product than banging one out quickly off an uneven balance of heart.   The battlefield is ugly and the only way you’re ever going to survive is if you go into it with something beautiful.  I-can’t-write days suck.  They should not be befriended.  They should be cast aside and left alone.  You’re much better off only spending time with I-can-write days.

For me, today is an I-can’t-write day :/

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