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The “C” word!

I discussed the “C” word very heavily with my friend on the phone last night.  You know, that thing you often think about, just wondering how nice it might be…  That thing you haven’t tried yet but you finally have enough money to afford… That…  Coverage!

The conversation we had began with a reference to a post I made on my blog regarding coverage and how ridiculous it is to charge people when you’re nowhere near as qualified as you claim  you are.  That was essentially my point in the blog post but the frustration I was overcome with at the time prevented me from making that as clear as I maybe would have liked to.

Do I fucking hate people that charge for coverage?  No.  Do I hate people who charge for coverage?  No.  Do I hate people who charge for coverage and lie about their credibility?  No.  Do I fucking hate them?  Yeah, you could say that.

Let’s look at two red flags somebody is trying to bull shit you (In my opinion…)
- They say they know people but don’t mention who they know
-They say they’ve done things but don’t mention what they’ve done

It’s not rocket science  to know that if they know somebody there’d be no reason not to mention their name.  That’s like me saying my best friend’s a pretty well known musician in the pop-punk scene and refusing to say who it is.  Max wouldn’t give a shit and either would this guy’s contact!  The absolute worst is when they say they’ve done several things in the industry but do not list a single one out.  To me that means one of two things:  They’re embarrassed by their “accomplishments” or they don’t have any.

See, I take no issue in people charging for notes.  The only thing I’m expecting is honesty before I cough up the money.  The coverage I personally offer is free but let’s say it wasn’t and I told you straight up, I don’t know anybody, I’ve never sold a script and I’ve never written a book but I do know a hell of a lot about the craft and I love helping people.  If my rates weren’t high  tell me you wouldn’t consider taking a chance on that?  I would.  Why?  Because it reeked of honesty!   Agree with me or not, I almost think getting coverage from someone who isn’t “established” or convinced they’re in-the-know would be a better investment because you’re getting a peer’s advice instead of someone who’s head is so far up their own ass they’re convinced your script is shit before they click “Open in Adobe Reader”.

So you want to improve your script and are considering coverage, convinced that procedure will cure your script of any epidemic it might be carrying…  Put your detective hat on, investigate the person you’re considering paying and make sure you’re not getting taken advantage of… And of course, you could always get free coverage from me.  There’s always that option.



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This article was made by HS founder, Aria.
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    Paraphrasing from Corey Mandell, the screenwriting industry is like the gold rush: the people making the most money are the ones selling maps to the prospectors.

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